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With my over 10 years of experience as Google SEO Expert, I’ve learned to keep my quality factors high, while focusing on quality over quality has helped my create search engine optimization strategies succeed and excel with better results over time… 

I’m Brett Topovski an experienced website developer and search engine optimization expert from Wooster, Ohio

..yes, I can help you get better results at Google and normally much faster than you may expect..!!!

SEO by Brett Creative Web Design Expert

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Yes.. I’m able to do the same for almost any website or online business that wants help generating additional high-quality targeted traffic that will convert into more leads and a drastic increase on sales for commences websites.

Learn more about my well developed unique Creative SEO Concepts that really do help with the process of getting better web page results for your most important “hard to get” keywords and keyword search phrases.

Find out how I could help your business get better results at major search engine with a focus on getting high converting traffic from Google that will really can help turn time into money for any online business.

Request A Free SEO Evaluation to learn more about how I could help you with search engine optimization related tasks for your website or online business today.

SEO by Brett Topovski

Over 10 years of experience: I have personally been living in Wooster, Ohio and Web Development with SEO focus in mind for all internal/external links, content graphics, and unique everything for website, is what I specialize in.

Contact me today to find out how I can help with SEO along with other important website development ideas and concepts that can help you generate more leads online and quickly convert them into profit with an easy system to manage incoming request for your clients.

Using Link Directory Websites To Get Better SEO Results

Using a Directory to Properly Develop Backlinks and Promote Organic Traffic for Free

Developing Backlinks is difficult and confusing for many people


I will show you how it’s done, and I will also be posting results from my website and client websites that all experience the same results when they are properly listed in a link directory websites.

Learning how to properly develop backlinks to promote targeted traffic from search engines like Google, is a very important part of search engine optimization. Properly developing backlinks is a key to how websites get to the Top of Google Fast!

Most SEO Experts use the same concepts, but every SEO Expert applies the concepts differently, and uses different combinations of similar search engine optimization techniques. One common SEO technique is: writing Highly Optimized Content, Posting Relevant Backlinks on Relevant Sources and relevant link directories that are linked back to the website they are optimizing.

..but it’s the differences in how everyone does this that gives everyone different results at Google

GoogleBot is constantly searching the internet and updating their indexed files so search engine users performing searches at, they are able to deliver results with the best possible combination of the age and relevancy. It would be pointless if Google found very relevant that all had outdated information, so GoogleBot will prioritize sites that are seemingly “more important, or “more active.”

The important part about optimizing a website using external SEO techniques is, listing websites in optimized and deep-link link directory websites.

Premium link directory websites allow SEO experts to very quickly post back links in categories that are relevant to the website they are listing. Taking the time to find good link directories is very important, quality is more important that quantity.

A few well placed backlinks from quality resources could give your a lot of free traffic for a long time!!! Trading links with a few websites and a few link directories could give your website the kick-start it needs. Even trading links with a select few websites is also a good way to get your website noticed more often by GoogleBot.

Below is a link to a new premium link directory that is similar to other link directory sites, but it also offers a few features and options that are different from any other directory on the market.  Members will be able add links instantly by just posting a back link on their website first. The link will be instantly verified and the newly submitted website will appear live in the directory instantly!

All of the directory members working together will help to promote all the sites on the directory by just posting a simple link on there website that looks like this: Instant Link Directory – From: –

Post a link to Instant Link Directory on your website, and get a FREE FEATURED LINK LISTING!!! INSTANTLY

Visit the directory website for more information, and new details as they are released.

I will also be offering free parter links to the first few directory members to follow on twitter or like the directory on Facebook.

Writing Properly Optimized Content for SEO

Properly Optimized Content

Websites with properly optimized content have a clear edge at Google!

Taking time to write content that is not only easy for humans to read, but also optimized for search engine bots like GoogleBot, is essential if you want your website to remain competitive for the keywords and keyword phrases that are targeting.

Recent updates to Google and all future updates are all focused on one thing…


  • Properly optimized content gives your website an advantage when it gets linked back to properly.
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